Isn't It About Time You Get Paid What You're Worth?

Interviewing for a new job? Earn $1000s more by learning to negotiate like a BO$$ with salary coach Kathlyn Hart

Real talk. The idea of negotiating your salary is scary as hell.

You've heard that you SHOULD ask for more, but what are you ACTUALLY supposed to say?

You don't want to come off greedy or ungrateful. Plus after all that time you spent interviewing you just want it all to be over (can I get an amen?).

The reality is though, by not negotiating you could be missing out on over 1 MILLION DOLLARS throughout your lifetime... And I'm guessing that you would much rather have that money in your pocket than left on the table!

"I was SO nervous about discussing a pay increase and felt like I couldn't ask for more. Kat's teachings not only helped me gain a new perspective on my strengths and value to the company, they also helped me land the raise!" - Sophia

Introducing "Be Brave Get Paid" - A Salary Negotiation Crash Course

Whether you’re just starting to dip your toes in the job search process, or you're getting ready to interview for your dream job, this course is designed to help you confidently negotiate your best offer!

"Thank you Kat! Thanks to everything I learned, I not only negotiated a higher salary, I was able to DOUBLE it!" - Amber

What's Included In The Course?

From what to say and do, to your body language and vocal tone, Be Brave Get Paid is an online step-by-step crash course covering the entire salary negotiation process to make sure you land your next salary bump.

By Enrolling You'll Receive...

✔︎ Interactive video training taught by salary negotiation coach Kathlyn Hart

✔︎ In-depth workbook to help you uncover your skills and value and learn to communicate it with confidence

✔︎ Live group Q&A sessions with Kat

✔︎ Exclusive Facebook group to connect and practice with your fellow classmate

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What Makes "Be Brave Get Paid" Different?

While there are tons of free negotiation articles and videos floating around the internet, the reality is negotiating your salary is pretty damn intimidating.

This course isn't just a bunch of top tips slapped together. This course is an in-depth program with step-by-step activities GUARANTEED to actually increase your confidence and your income!

What Do You Mean Guaranteed?

If you don't increase your income by at least $1,000 within 1 year of completing and applying what you learn in this course, we will give you a full refund!

"I can't thank you enough Kat! I not only felt more confident making the ask, but I was able to negotiate a salary that was over 30% higher than their original offer!" - Emma

Meet Your Instructor

Kathlyn Hart
Kathlyn Hart

Hi there! My name is Kathlyn Hart, and I'm a salary negotiation coach with a simple mission - I want to help you make more money.

Why? Well, I spent years slaving away at my job, hardly able to make rent, let alone make my dream of quitting my job to travel the world a reality. It wasn't until I understood, mastered, and mustered the courage to negotiate my salary that I was able to double my income, save over $16,000, and swap out my commute for the open road.

This my friend, is what I want for you. Whether your dream is to travel the world, start a business, pay off your student loans, or even buy all the god-damn lattes you want, I want to help you make more money so that you have the freedom to start saying YES to life.

Helping women earn thousands more at companies including...

Next Course Starts January 1st. Enroll Now and Receive These Bonuses

Word-for-word negotiation scripts

Ready-to-use email templates

Cheatsheet & checklist downloads

Exclusive Facebook group for support

Let's Go Get Paid!

"Thank you Kat! From what I learned I was able to get a 10% raise, plus a 10% bonus! This program not only helped me with the tools, but more importantly, the confidence go after the salary I knew I deserved!" - Kate

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the next course start?
The next course begins January 1st
How's is the course delivered?
The course is available to listen to and watch online. The exercises may be downloaded for you to print and fill out.
How long can I access to the course?
Lifetime access for as long as Be Brave Get Paid is available!
Can I access future update?
YES! Your lifetime access includes all future updates to the course.
How does the guarantee work?
I fully believe in this courses' ability to increase your income, that if you are not able to earn at least $1,000 more within 1 year of fully implementing all of the strategies I will give you a full refund!

Don't Wait Another Day to Start Earning What You Deserve. Join Students Like...

$10,000 increase

Negotiated a 20% raise

Doubled her salary!

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